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200 Rescued Hens Now Free To Be

Sunday, September 29, 2013


September, 2013. There is no joy like seeing an animal who has been caged her whole life discover freedom to move, feel the sunshine and ground beneath her feet and be for the first time.

Two hundred hens, formerly confined in battery cages caged and exploited for their eggs for up to 2 long years, are now enjoying the good life here at Woodstock Sanctuary. They were part of a collective rescue operation organized by Animal Place in California in August of 2013.  3000 hens were spared by an unnamed egg producer who kept tens of thousands of hens crammed tightly in battery cages in massive industrial sheds. At 18 to 24 months they are considered “spent” (not laying enough eggs compared to a younger hen) and either sent to slaughter or gassed and buried.  This disposal method depends on whether there is a slaughterhouse in the vicinity that will process spent layers — because there is so little body mass therefore so little profit. Read more about the egg industry’s treatment of hens and barbaric disposal of all male chicks here in our Learn section.

Our 200 girls were part of a group of 1150 that were flown from CA to NY in a private jet to be taken in by several NY-based sanctuaries. Read the story of their historic flight that captured major media attention!



California Hens



Nice to stretch - can't do that in a cage!

Nice to stretch – can’t do that in a cage!





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