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Caption Contest: August

Congrats to Rick Mumma for the winning caption!

Chicken Boots-caption
“They never make anything cool in my size.”

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Are the grateful dead? Where’d they go?

salina sias mailer said on August 7th, 2010 at 2:26 AM

Oh dear… those flowers are most definitely NOT edible!

Jackie Collins said on August 8th, 2010 at 1:54 AM

They never make anything cool in my size.

Rick Mumma said on August 9th, 2010 at 3:18 PM

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?
A: To get away from those scary boots!

Bonnie said on August 10th, 2010 at 4:27 PM

“These boots were made for clucking and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna cluck all over you.”

Tammy said on August 10th, 2010 at 4:35 PM

Chicken Little: “The sky is falling! The sky is falling! Oh wait, it’s just a pair of weird boots. Whew!!”

Rudy said on August 13th, 2010 at 2:57 PM

Henrietta stumbled upon the empty boots and suspected fowl play…but she crossed her toes and hoped their owner had just chickened out and run away.

Amber said on August 13th, 2010 at 6:34 PM

oooh, the last pair! i’m gonna grab these babies before the other “girls” get here!

pam said on August 15th, 2010 at 8:26 PM

I have no good idea for a caption but man, I am laughing so hard at Tammy’s “These boots were made for clucking…” caption that my stomach hurts.

Rebecca said on August 16th, 2010 at 1:42 AM

Fashion week 2010 is in full swing as visitors and locals admire the latest trends in hoof couture.

Nina said on August 23rd, 2010 at 4:22 AM

She went into this deep meditation mode and, after a while, took on the appearance of a rainbow; then, in a sudden flash of light…

NEA said on August 23rd, 2010 at 4:51 PM

Is it food?

Felicia Staub said on August 24th, 2010 at 7:26 AM

Dear Fast Food Chain:

I hear you’ve been makin’ McNuggets out of too many of my friends. Well, I’m strappin’ on the boots and comin’ to kick some butt!

Yours truly, Henrietta

Maisy said on August 26th, 2010 at 7:51 PM