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2016 Annual Report

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

From the Executive Director

We are so grateful to you for your generosity, passion, and your support of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary. 2016 was a year where the staff, volunteers, and community of the Sanctuary stepped up and saved lives. I am personally very grateful for the leadership of Jeff Lydon who acted as Interim Executive Director and is now our Managing Director. It was with his experienced and steady guidance that we completed our first full year at our new property – a new property that allowed us to rescue over 70 animals directly and save millions through our vegan outreach and campaigns against animal agriculture.

Having joined Woodstock Farm Sanctuary as the first Development Director in 2014, I feel like the luckiest person to have seen our growth and progress. This growth was because of you. It is because of you that our Tiniest Herd goats like Lucie and Tuesday were born into a lifetime of sanctuary. And it’s because of you that Triden became one of the very few horses who is thriving with a hoof deformity and not immediately killed.

Please read about our work over 2016. And come visit soon – there are 380 animals who would love to meet you. Each life we save keeps thousands of animals from entering food production and living short miserable lives. The impact of your giving is monumental and timely.

Read our full 2016 Annual report.

For the animals,

Rachel McCrystal



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