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URGENT: Piglets Rescued from Abuse

Monday, June 26, 2017

We just couldn’t say no. We just rescued four sick piglets and their emaciated mother from a terrible neglect situation. Right now, your gift would make a huge difference paying for the care of our newest residents.

We recently took in a sick little piglet named Hurley. He was found alone and wandering outside. We worked around the clock to save him but the damage was too severe; he died after only four days.

Luckily, a local humane law enforcement agency was able to track his family. Our pig barns are at full capacity, but Hurley’s family needed our help and we knew we just had to make room.

Hurley’s family is now safe at the Sanctuary but they are emaciated, sunburned, ridden with parasites, and severely irritated by untreated mange. [READ THE FULL RESCUE STORY HERE]

We couldn’t save Hurley. But we did save his family.

We are so happy they are safe. But we urgently need funds to pay for their rescue and care. Supporters like you have been there when the animals needed you most and they need you once more. This little family is finally free, so please help us care for them – in memory of Hurley.

Thank you for making this rescue possible and for giving freedom to Hurley’s family. We couldn’t have done it without you.



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