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“95” is More Than a Number

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Got the holiday blues thinking about sharing meals with friends, co-workers, and family who don’t understand why your veg? Get frazzled thinking about what to get for gifts each year? Need some inspiration for yourself and others going or staying veg? The beautifully moving book, Ninety-Five: Meeting America’s Farmed Animals in Stories and Photographs, is brimming with striking, color photographs of rescued farmed animals and their poignant stories.  Many from WFAS are featured.

Why the title Ninety-Five?  That’s the estimated number of non-human animals saved by one person that eats vegan each year. No Voice Unheard, the publisher of the book, has joined with Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary to get the faces and stories of these incredible beings in front of as many people as possible.  They have generously offered to send a free copy of the book to the first 50 people who donate $50 or more to the sanctuary via THIS SPECIAL LINK (USA only, please). As an intimate portrait exploring the lives and personalities of individual beings, rather than huge statistics and figures that people can’t relate to easily, this book is extremely unique and accessible.  Give it to friends, family, and co-workers as gifts.  Get one for yourself and put it on the coffee table for everyone to see.   Donate a copy to your local public or school library.  Who knows how many hearts and minds will be profoundly moved by this book if we can get enough out there!

Check out what others are saying about Ninety-Five:

“How amazing it is to learn from this most extraordinary book just how beautiful chickens, turkeys, pigs, cows and other farm animals can be. This is a rare and life-changing book. It evokes a sense of wonder, joy and awe, and a recognition of how interwoven we are with all of life.”

-John Robbins, author of The New Good Life and Diet for a New America

“If the eyes really are the window into the soul, this book surely has you glimpsing the Beloved. The loveliness and resilience of these creatures never ceases to humble me.”

-Kathy Freston, Author of Quantum Wellness

“Profoundly evocative and entirely to the point, Ninety-Five will leave readers forever changed.”

-Rory Freedman, #1 NY Times best selling author of Skinny Bitch

“One of the most beautiful books I have ever seen, in every respect: the photographs, the loving stories, the philosophy behind the stories, the delightful tales, the sheer exuberance of the animals and their human companions – it is a perfect book! … Captures something missing from almost all other books about farmed animals. There is so much heart in this book, to rival the heart that the animals themselves display.”

-Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, author of When Elephants Weep, The Pig Who Sang to the Moon and The Face on Your Plate

About No Voice Unheard:  They are an independent publisher of beautiful and creative books that are cutting edge in their content and presentation, giving voice to those who are ignored or disregarded by society, and illuminating important social issues often ignored by profit-driven publishers.


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