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Adopt an Animal

pigletandlen We hear about chickens wandering NYC streets, baby chicks from “hatching projects,” neglected goats, abandoned rabbits, injured roosters, pigs about to be slaughtered, and so many other cases of cruelty and neglect.  No sanctuary, regardless of how large, can take in all the animals in need. We stay at or close to capacity at all times.

When WFS is unable to welcome a new resident, we still strive to help.  Our small staff stays quite busy networking with other rescues organizations, supporters, pre-approved adoptive homes, and individuals to find safe, loving homes.  We frequently consult (at no cost) with individuals on how to properly care for animals to assure they receive the best quality life possible.

You can help us by adopting a farmed animal … by spreading the word about the need for loving, lifetime homes … or by supporting us financially so we can continue these essential adoption efforts.We believe that no animal wants to be the only one of his or her kind, so in general we only adopt out animals in pairs (or more) who are bonded or to a home where they will have the companionship of another.  In addition, we never break up families or close buddies. Adoptions require a site visit to your home to be approved. In some cases we may charge a modest adoption fee on a sliding scale.

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