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Parking Lot Attendant

We are seeking a parking lot attendant to coordinate cars during our open hours.

This is a perfect summer job or for someone who wants to make a little extra money working for a great organization.

You will work Saturdays and Sundays from 11 – 4 at our farm in Willow, NY, and direct cars to park tightly in our lot.  The job will last through the summer and possibly until we close, at the end of October.  You’ll communicate with our visitor center staff over a walkie and answer basic questions from visitors about admission, etc. On slow days or during events you may be asked to help with other tasks on the farm as needed — this may include things like raking and helping clean barns, weeding the parking lot perimeter, etc. 

We will NOT need you and you will NOT be paid when the weather is predicted to be really bad, like rain all day.  We will decide this 24 hours in advance.  You will have access to a pop-up tent and chair that you can set up for shade, and listening to an iPod, reading, etc., to pass the time is acceptable.  You’ll be out in the open and so tolerance of heat and bugs is important.

You may bring snacks and drinks but must follow our vegan policy while on the farm (no food or drinks with any animals or animal products) and you must be respectful of the rescued animals here (no jokes about eating one of them!).

On July 5th we have a large event and it will be a longer day.

Pay is $8.75/hour and you will be put on payroll (taxes will be taken out).  We will require a reference from a previous employer or teacher.

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