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Ana and Aiden: Neglected Goats

Monday, April 07, 2014

Ana and Aiden goats

Ana was missing lots of her fur - click image to see larger

BEFORE: Ana was missing lots of her fur – click image to see larger

Sweet lil’ Ana was suffering from mange and had lost most of her hair, her only protection from the fierce cold this winter. Instead of treating the condition her owner, a small farmer, decided he would “cull” her. Thankfully, a caring gal named Ana Wolf learned of her fate and convinced Ana’s owner to spare her life. She even talked him into allowing her friend Aiden to come along—the farmer was experiencing inbreeding problems and so was going to be rid of him soon, too.

Here at Woodstock Sanctuary they were named, given medical treatment and provided with a warm, roomy stall in our small animal hospital. Ana (named after her rescuer) was suffering from a upper respiratory infection and sarcoptic mange. Aiden was shy but in good shape–except that he needed to be neutered (which was performed under anesthesia by a vet). Aiden was named after a friend of their rescuer’s — a little boy who bravely went vegetarian before anyone else in his family.

Both have now fully recovered and most of Ana’s hair has grown back! She has the face of a little monkey and is sweet as can be while Aiden is taking a little more time to completely trust people but has made huge progress. 

It is bittersweet that we have secured their adoption to a loving home—Hoyt Farm Nature Preserve—under the care of the wonderful Sheryl Brook, who has adopted animal friends from us in the past. We’ve already fallen madly in love with them but adopting animals to loving homes allows us to help more animals in need. We know that Sheryl and her staff will give them life-long care and love.


A dog coat helped keep her warm during “outdoor time”



AFTER: Her fur is back and she’s feeling groovy



Ana likes people; Aiden is a little shy but keeps close to his friend



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