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Animal Rehabilitation Center Completed

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

rehab center

It’s a facility that everyone who works here knows is desperately needed.

Currently, sick chickens are treated in the kitchen of the personal residence of the sanctuary founders. Because of the wood floors, towels must be used instead of straw bedding — creating a LOT of laundry. Rooster patients crowing inside the house makes sleeping for non-roosters difficult. Larger animals like goats and sheep with contagious conditions are treated in isolation areas inside barns, but the degree of isolation has a lot of room for improvement. Additionally, we do not yet have public restrooms and visitors use a porta-potty instead.

This new building will address these needs and more:

  • 2 large treatment rooms, with stainless steel medical equipment.
  • Climate-controlled pens for sick animals. With a waterproof floor, straw may be used for bedding instead of towels, thus cutting down on energy-wasting laundry.
  • Visitor center with orientation information, gift items, and handicap-accessible bathroom.
  • Much-needed office space for workers
  • Storage space in the attic.
  • “Green” choices like skylights for illumination, radiant heating in the slab, a solar-friendly design for future solar integration. We’ve had an offer for a possible free wind turbine to help with electric costs.
  • All the lumber for the side was harvest from our own forest and milled by a neighbor down the road.
    Thanks to the generosity of 3 foundations and many supporters, a total of $135,000 has been raised — and spent!

hospiceAll we need is $22,000 more and we can install the hot water and heating, hospital pens, kitchen cabinets and fixtures — and our dream of having a separate building dedicated to caring for sick, injured and incoming animals that require isolation will be complete! Please make donation right now to help us complete our funding needs for this building.



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