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Aramark to go completely cage free by 2020

Friday, April 03, 2015


Who is Aramark? Aramark provides food services to schools, universities, healthcare institutions and more. The company website states one of the things offered is environmental stewardship. In 2013 Aramark stated it would source it’s “shelled” eggs from a cage free source by 2014. Recently they announced to source even their liquid eggs from cage free sources by 2020.

From the March 12, 2015 release:

 Next week, Aramark will release a comprehensive animal welfare policy with HSUS that will address a broad spectrum of issues impacting the treatment of animals for pork, veal, beef, poultry and dairy production. In 2012, the company committed to purchasing only gestation crate-free pork by 2017. Responsible purchasing has always been core to Aramark’s mission to ‘Enrich and Nourish Lives.’ The company looks forward to advancing animal welfare as part of its overall corporate responsibility commitment.

Now, meet the “cage free” egg industry:

Hens who live a “cage free” life do not live a life you or I would want for ourselves. According to the Humane Myth, hens in factory farms are still cruelly debeaked and killed when their production of eggs decline. We know this to be true!  Check out these girls who love their freedom here at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. Animals who live with us are no longer commodities! We value everyone as an individual.

debeakedLook closely at the beaks! This is a done to prevent or minimize the harm they do to each other in confined quarters. Luckily these ladies live with us now and are happy and free.

Cage Free does not mean “humane” or “cruelty free”. When animals and their byproducts are farmed for food they become profit machines rather than a sentient beings. Our friends at Peaceful Prairie spell it out for you!  Aramark, if you want to make real change for animals serve only vegan products.  


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