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Baby Trident’s story

Friday, December 09, 2016

was_tridentmatch_homewhatshappen_320x240There is a horse at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary! And to help pay for his care and that of our other rescued farmed animals, a generous anonymous donor will match every gift up to $100,000 this holiday season. That is so urgently needed for us.

Trident the colt is making friends at the Sanctuary, meeting new people and animals every day. We already love him.

Trident was born with a leg deformity that made him seem worthless to the Amish farmers who wanted to use him as a buggy horse and breeder.  

Like the lives of all the other farmed animals we rescue, the existence of a work horse is bleak, harsh, and usually short. When horses can no longer pull buggies and plows, they go to auction where they could be sent to slaughter for cheap meat, or sold as carriage horses to suffer on the streets of New York City or Philadelphia. Once carriage horses are worn down, they go back to the same auctions they came from and are sold for slaughter.

But here at Woodstock Sanctuary, we believe that all beings have inherent value and that their lives matter. Like you, we believe in kindness and mercy.

Because of his deformity, Trident was going to be killed at just three months old. His “owners” made the decision that he had no value. Trident was just a baby — alone, missing his mom, and doomed to die.

But luckily some kind people also believed in mercy and reached out to Woodstock to tell us about Trident.

Woodstock Sanctuary was there for baby Trident because of you. Will you be there for the animals now when they need you the most? Your gift means life, sanctuary, and compassion for the hundreds of animals we care for…and the millions saved by our advocacy. If we can raise $100,000 with your support, that means $200,000 for the animals. 

Please give today and help welcome Trident home. Your every dollar will be matched! We really need you now. 


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