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The Guesthouse at Woodstock Sanctuary – *CLOSED*


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Recent Visitors

“Thank you so much for making our weekend a beautiful, unforgettable one. We have found our vacation/getaway spot at the sanctuary and hope you don’t mind seeing us several times a year from now on. Aimee, thank you so much for the warmth & welcome & of course the wonderful breakfast. Leon and Errol, thank you for the cuddles. To the rest of the staff, thank you for all that you do here & for giving us the opportunity to experience it with you!” Steph and Joey, Allentown PA“This was our honeymoon, to have it in such a paradise of animal friendly veganutopia was a dream made real. Thank you for the work you do, we will support you forever!” Barbara and Eric Dragun,  Astoria, NY“We had the most amazing experience at the sanctuary! Great views, food & hospitality. It was wonderful spending time with animals & volunteering. Thank you Aimee and everyone for this fantastic experience. I will see you soon!” Roslyn Gale, Delaware“The Guesthouse is pure heaven. The room was beautiful and the bed very comfortable. The farm is inspiring and it was great to wake up and see the animals grazing about…” Larry, Erica, and Sam, Brooklyn“Thank you for a wonderful, relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The breakfasts were delicious! We loved meeting the animals and we will miss Diane!” The Tan Family, Haddonfield, NJ” I spent a few days at the B&B recently and I really enjoyed myself! The staff was very nice and accommodating, but the animals were what really made the trip. While I was saying hi to the sheep, Story came right over to me and put her head on my knee! I pet her for a while, and when I started walking away to leave, she actually followed me! She did the same thing the next day, too. And she wasn’t afraid to nudge me with her head if she felt like I was shorting her on attention! Basically, Story is adorable and I’ll definitely be back to visit her. I’ll definitely be back to visit her and everyone else, but this gift will have to do in the meantime! Keep doing what you’re doing, and I wish you guys all of the luck in the world!” Richard, Staten Island 

Your view (click to see larger)We are moving which means the Guesthouse is closed and will also be for sale!  

Big News! We are moving.  Due to our preparation for the move we have closed the Guesthouse.

We are grateful for everyone who has stayed with us and we hope to see you again when we are set up to accommodate overnight guests at the new location in High Falls, NY.