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Your Caretaker Aimee

Good morning, are you hungry?

Good morning, are you hungry?

Aimee VanWettering is your host.

Aimee is an expert in vegan nutrition, toxic-free living, and herbal medicine. Before coming to Woodstock Sanctuary, she graduated from esthetics school and managed upscale NYC spas for 5 years. She also developed her own wellness company.  A graduate of Victoria Moran’s esteemed Main Street Vegan Academy, she has a passion for making beautiful and nutritious meals.  (See a few pictures here!) Aimee was searching online for volunteer opportunities with farmed animals when she found the job that was the perfect fit for her unique combination of skills and experience.

As the  caretaker and chef of The Guesthouse at Woodstock Sanctuary, she is responsible for dozens of details to make your stay as full of loving hospitality as possible. Judging by glowing reviews from guests (online here and handwritten notes here), she is knocking it out of the park!