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Become a Member for Fawn

Wednesday, February 08, 2017

Sharing compassion this year is paramount. Supporting Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is a powerful way to do that.

Your giving allows us to care for rescued farmed animals like sweet Fawn the cow. Born on a dairy farm, Fawn came to us with two broken legs. She needed intensive surgery and rehabilitation. She is now doing wonderfully and is happy with her friends, especially her buddy Johnny Boy. But her leg braces need to be replaced periodically…they are custom crafted just for her. Fawn is safe, but keeping her healthy and mobile is costly.

That’s why we depend on our members for her ongoing care. Members are the friends who we know will be there every year for the length of Fawn’s life…and for all our animals! Every time she needs a new brace, or a hen needs a lifesaving procedure, or a baby piglet needs special medication, we rely on our members….we rely on you.

Give now and become a 2017 Woodstock Sanctuary member.

Your membership will allow you and three guests to visit (and meet Fawn!) for free all visiting season (April – October), plus you’ll enjoy amazing membership benefits and discounts! But most importantly, your gift says that you are here for the long haul…not only for when we rescue an animal, but for their ongoing care over a lifetime.

Fawn is alive — and playing and prancing! — because of our loyal membership base. And we are eternally grateful for you.


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