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Become a Sanctuary Sustainer

Thursday, June 01, 2017

We have an amazing offer for the animals and we need your help! This summer, a friend of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary is giving us $100 for every new sustaining (monthly) membership gift. So if you sign up for a monthly gift of $10 or more, the animals will get an extra $100! Our generous friend is offering this for up to 300 members — that’s $30,000 for the animals!

Our monthly members are so important in sustaining the Sanctuary. We rely on those gifts to pay for daily costs such as food, bedding, and basic medical care. We factor that support into our plans and we know those gifts are on the way — they allow us to continue caring for and telling the stories of the 350 rescued animals who call Woodstock Sanctuary home.

Supporters like you make every rescue possible and save countless lives.

Maybelle the cow was used as a milking exhibit at a historic site where she was repeatedly impregnated (in order to lactate). Each time she gave birth, Maybelle’s calves were immediately taken away and she was left grieving time and time again. When the site finally decided to terminate the exhibit five years ago, we welcomed Maybelle to Woodstock Sanctuary.

Ever since, we’ve been able to give Maybelle a joyful and healthy life lived with close friends like Kayli, and that’s all thanks to our friends.

For the first 300 donors who pledge $10 or more this month, your donation will be matched with $100. That means if you join us today, animals like Maybelle will get an additional $100. These funds are crucial and much needed to continue our life-saving work.

Join us and make an even greater difference – animals like sweet Maybelle are counting on you. Please say yes and become a Sanctuary Sustainer today!

P.S. If you’re already a monthly donor, THANK YOU! If you increase your monthly donation by $10 or more, your gift will be matched with $100. Thank you for sustaining the Sanctuary!


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