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CALFway to the Rescue

Monday, March 05, 2007

herbie lashesHerbie was found wandering the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, having escaped from a truck headed to one of the many unlicensed slaughter houses scattered around the Big Apple. After causing traffic jams and stunning pedestrians, the police were finally able to capture him. The story hit the local news (see the video) and there was an outcry to secure his safety. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary got the call from Animal Care and Control, and soon after he arrived here at the farm he was joined by a companion: Kevina, a two-week-old Jersey calf rescued from a dairy operation.

Now, these two lucky escapees have found a loving, non-cow-eating family for life with Debbie Kowalski and Steve Heuer. CLICK HERE to see a CBS News piece about Herbie’s arrival.

new herbie homeThis wonderful couple is a rare breed indeed. How many people do you know that have fantasized about having “pet” cows? Herbie and Kevina are so lucky to be adopted by a couple with just such a dream, and they’ll never be exploited or mistreated for their flesh, milk or skin. Deb and Steve are true champions for many other animals as well — they both work tirelessly to raise awareness about the extreme cruelty of fur production through a group that Debbie co-founded called Caring Activists Against Fur.

deb and lilyWith so many farm animals that need rescuing from situations of abuse, neglect and abandonment, we wish there were more people out there like Deb and Steve who have the commitment, the land and the heart to provide a home for these incredible animals that so many think of as nothing more than raw material for dinner.

But even if you can’t adopt a farm animal, YOU can and do make a difference in farm animals’ lives every time you sit down to eat, snack, or buy products. So much suffering goes on behind closed doors. If you read ingredients and omit all eggs, dairy, and meat from your diet, you will dramatically reduce animal suffering. Simply making humane choices throughout your day makes a huge difference for the animals.

What would their fate have been had they not been rescued?

herbie ralphie

Andy the steer says goodbye before Herbie goes to N.J.

Herbie, a “beef” calf, was on his way to his death when he took his fate into his own hands. Herbie was to die young for unknown reasons. Normally he would have gone to a feedlot after reaching maturity to be fattened for slaughter. To read more about the life of beef cattle go here.

Kevina, a female dairy calf, was ripped from her mother moments after birth like all offspring of dairy cows. She would have been raised to replace her mother and the other dairy cows who head to slaughter after their milk production decreases. At 3 years of age, she would be impregnated every year in order to produce milk for human consumption (and not her babies). After about 5 pregnancies-each time enduring the trauma of having her calf torn from her, she too would head to the slaughterhouse. To read more about the life of a dairy cow go here.



herb kevina


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