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Crate of Chickens Falls Off Truck

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Weaker birds were given electrolytes and vitamins

Around October 4th, 2011, approximately 80 very young commercial “broiler” chickens (info on the breed here) crammed in a shipping crate apparently fell off a truck. The crate was found by Animal Control in Rockland County and the chicks were taken to the Hi Tor Animal Shelter to be cared for while a home was sought.  Sadly 15 were either dead on arrival or so badly hurt they had to be euthanised.  Before we could intervene the shelter gave 20 of the chicks away to a farmer.

Based on the location they were found and the timing it was surmised they were destined to Orange County for the annual Kapporos ceremony practiced by some orthodox Jewish communities (read about our involvement in earlier Kapporos rescues, in 2010 and 2005).  Board member Dawn Ladd brought the remaining 45 here to the Sanctuary where, as expected, they have grown at an amazing rate.  This unnatural growth rate causes leg and heart problems for these birds — in the quest to “grow” as much white breast meat as possible, they’ve been bred to have their weight distributed disproportionately in their chests.  In the four weeks they have been here we have lost 4 birds to these health issues, but with our extensive experience caring for this breed we expect the remaining ones to do very well!

INTERESTED IN ADOPTING?  With the right care and love these “white birds” can live for years and make great companions. Just like cats and dogs they each have distinct personalities, but most are very friendly and curious.  Here at the Sanctuary they range from a few months old to the grandma Speckle who is 6! So here’s a thought: Guinea pigs and rabbits are enjoyed as wonderful indoor/outdoor companion animals and all they hope for is a little love — so why not a couple of chickens?  These birds may lay the occasional egg but genetic manipulation has focused on meat rather than reproduction (not to mention there are as many boys as girls needing homes).  Please consider, or ask your friends about, adopting a couple of white birds and feel the joy of these wonderful beings.  Contact us about this.

INTERESTED IN SPONSORING? A modest $10 a month can help keep one of these survivors healthy, warm and fed for a year or more.

Nancy Pearson assisted Dawn Ladd in the transport

Jenny Brown looking for health problems


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