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David the Goat – Maced by Police

Sunday, December 28, 2014


December, 2014: Little David was found on Long Island. He had a numbered USDA tag punched into his ear, so we know he was destined for the butcher.  Somehow he escaped, ran through the streets, and the local police actually used mace to subdue David. Then they hog-tied him for the trip to the Town of Hempstead’s Animal Shelter. Neither the police nor the shelter were equipped to handle farm animals—an increasing problem with the rising number of local “live kill” meat markets, where you can pick the animal you want slaughtered. There are around 100 such markets in the NYC area). Fortunately the shelter reached out to us for help, and soon David was on his way!

Needless to say, his eyes were extremely irritated from the mace—on top of being underweight and anemic from parasites. When he first arrived here, David was so scared he was able to scale the 4′ high treatment pen we’d placed him in! Now that we made the pen’s fence higher, he’s learning that people can be kinda cool and is slowly warming up to the caregivers.

David is named after our wonderful Board President, David Cabrera.

Want to help David? You can sponsor him here.


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