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Factory Farmed Animals

Did the ham in your sandwich come from a pig who never saw the light of day and couldn’t even turn around in her narrow crate? READ MORE

Did that egg come from a de-beaked chicken crammed with 6 others in a cage the size of a microwave oven? READ MORE

Did buying that block of cheese support the cruel practice of raising veal calves in crates? READ MORE

Farmed animals are the most exploited and least protected group of animals in the world. 27 million are killed in the United States alone each day, nearly 19,000 per minute – equating to a tragic total of 10 billion animals per year.

Over the past 50 years, animal agriculture has evolved from small, family farms to large corporate factory farming systems. Modern agribusiness corporations are built upon the cutthroat attitude of increasing profit margins at all costs – which has had devastating consequences for the animals in their care.

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Farmed animals lead a life of misery from the moment they are born to when they are slaughtered. Every day, everywhere across the globe, millions of these animals are mishandled, kept in confinement, mutilated as part of routine husbandry practices, and deprived of basic necessities.

There are so many issues and problems in today’s modern world, but there’s one problem that you have the power to easily address — with each meal you eat. The small bite of food at the end of your fork has big impacts on the environment, your health, and the lives of billions of animals. This section of our website explores every category of harm related to the consumption of animal products, and provides lots of information on making compassionate food choices– from plant-based nutrition and recipes, to veganic farming and gardening. We encourage you to explore it all.