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Fridays with Friends: Allison’s Gourmet Giveaway

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Artisan Vegan Bakery Allison’s Gourmet has a running series called Fridays with Friends — interviews with prominent vegans about their compassionate lifestyles.  In 2012 she interviewed Woodstock Sanctuary Director Jenny Brown


Read the full interview here.  Check out her weekly series here.

About Allison’s Gourmet

In 1997, Allison Rivers Samson opened Allison’s Cookies as the premiere online vegan bakery. Throughout the years, we have added delectable top-notch confections to our boutique and grew into a new name: Allison’s Gourmet. Our sweets are guaranteed to impress you as well as your family, friends, and business associates all over the country.
As a conscientious company, we care about you, the planet, and all of its inhabitants. Therefore, Allison’s Gourmet is founded on the following practices and beliefs:

  • We offer vegan* desserts that taste fantastic!
  • We seek out and use only the finest organic, fair-trade, vegan ingredients.
  • We use minimally processed ingredients, avoiding any that require a chemistry degree to understand.
  • We use post-consumer recycled paper and packaging whenever possible.
  • We value optimal health as priceless. Delicious, high-quality food costs more, and is completely worth it!

An award winning company, Allison’s Gourmet has been featured in Vegetarian Times, VegNews Magazine, The Wall Street Journal; and is endorsed by numerous celebrities. See our Press and Rave Reviews.

At Allison’s Gourmet, we love our customers and want you to be thrilled with every order you receive from us. We stand behind our premium products and exceptional customer service by offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’ve never experienced our sweets, order with confidence; taste what you’ve been missing and then share with those you care about!


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