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Gershwin the Calf

Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Gerswhin at Cornell Veterinary Hospital

This past Sunday, Shelter Manager Hervé picked up our new week-old calf, Gershwin. He is in critical condition at Cornell’s Veterinary Hospital and we’re waiting to hear back on his prognosis.

Born on a dairy farm, Gershwin was taken from his mom immediately after birth. This poor baby was scared, alone, and confused. Because he is a male and will never produce milk, he had no use to the farmer and was going to be sold as cheap meat for a mere $3.

But a kind person rescued him and brought him to a dog and cat rescue where he spent the first few days of his life making a few furry friends.

That’s when we got the call.

Gershwin making friends at the cat and dog rescue

When Hervé first met Gershwin, it struck him how trusting he was. He was desperately looking for a parental figure to care for him. It broke his heart that ten of his brothers and friends sought that same comfort and gave that same trust. But that trust was betrayed from the moment they were born and sent to slaughter just three days later.

Because he didn’t get the antibodies from his mom’s first milk, Gershwin’s immune system is compromised. He is in the hospital right now and we’re hoping to hear good news from his doctors.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter where we’ll be posting updates. And any support you can give to help with Gershwin’s vet bills would be so helpful.

Thank you for being there for Gershwin.



Shelter Manager Hervé picking up Gershwin


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