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Giant New Barn Dedicated

Friday, September 01, 2006

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The “Home for the Horned & Hooved” is what we’re calling this barn because it is dedicated to housing rescued goats, sheep and a small number of cows (they are all horned and hooved—get it?). The story behind this barn.

January 2006: just some posts and icy ground

January 2006: just some posts and icy ground

Oohmahnee Sanctuary in Pennsylvania closed its doors and needed a place for some of their animal residents. That’s why getting this barn up in a hurry was so important.

A team of very cold volunteers built it in the dead of winter, headed by Woodstock resident Chris Kerr who earned himself a Good Egg mention.

While the labor was donated, the materials were not. This barn would not have been possible without a generous $25,000 grant from a trust set up in the memory of Andy Stallman, an advocate for animal welfare as well as the homeless. His trust also helped us out recently with an additional $5,000 to cover the expenses of corrals, plumbing, and raising the ground level inside the barn (to prevent flooding). Andy had a special place in his heart for pigs, and wherever he is he’ll be smiling to know that our next incoming male pig will be named Andy! Do check out some of the new residents!

March 2006: almost complete

March 2006: almost complete



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