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Harvey the Rooster: From Columbus Circle to Sanctuary

Monday, January 21, 2013

We got a call on a chilly November night from a woman named Melissa. Some people running an “Occupy” protest outside of Goldman Sachs in Manhattan’s Columbus Circle found a chicken hiding in the bushes.  He’d likely been dumped in nearby Central Park, and perhaps the tacky gold trim on the Trump Plaza Hotel lured him to this busy intersection — a very bad place for a chicken to be.  Fortunately one of the protestors knew of us and was able find our number on her smartphone.  

TEAM HARVEY: Left to right: Beverly, Melissa, Emily M, Melissa C, and Mikey

We got super-volunteers and Jersey City residents Emily Monus and Melissa Cacioppo out of their PJ’s and into their car for a quick swoop into the Big Apple to get little Harvey.

“He was very thirsty and would drink drink drink,” reported Emily. “I sat with him for quite a while, just holding him.  We tried to give him some food but wasn’t really interested in that, just the water.  He stayed tucked in like that photo the entire night, in blankets and towels in our shower, just resting.  I would coo to him and he would coo back, it was super sweet.”  

You may be wondering, how the heck did a chicken end up in a corporate hellhole? It’s remarkably common to for us to get such calls — between backyard chicken projects discarding unwanted roosters and escapees from local “live kill” markets we get lots and lots and lots of calls about urban chickens, more than any others.

The good news is Harvey has acclimated well, and is living with a few ducks at the moment due to an overabundance of roosters at the Sanctuary.  SPONSOR HARVEY OR ANOTHER ANIMAL HERE.

Harvey in Snow

Photo: Bob Esposito


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