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Jim James of My Morning Jacket Helps WFAS

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Yim Yames (Jim James) of My Morning JacketWe’re beyond thrilled to announce that Jim James, lead singer of the mega-popular, arena-selling-out band “My Morning Jacket,” has announced the upcoming release of a limited edition EP, with a portion of the proceeds coming to the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary! The EP is a collection of George Harrison songs covered by Jim James (under the alias “Yim Yames”). They were recorded back in 2001 — just a few days after Harrison’s death — and have been sitting in a vault ever since.

Both Jim and WFAS Director Jenny Brown happened to be in their common home town of Louisville when they met for the first time, and Jim was moved by WFAS’s mission to rescue, protect and provide a voice for the most exploited and abused beings in the world — farmed animals.

A vegetarian for ethical reasons, Jim thought the idea of this album as fundraiser for WFAS to be a perfect match. “I know this is something that George [Harrison] really believed in,” he said, and that “George was all about treating all creatures equally and eating responsibly.” With this summer being the 40th anniversary of the original Woodstock concert, it is fitting that a true proponent of peace and love be honored this way.

You can download a free preview song on his website if you join his mailing list, and a full digital download and the CD will come later in July.

There will also be a limited-edition vinyl version that will include some special WFAS merch — stay tuned for all the info.

We heartily thank Jim James and his wonderful management team for putting all this together! We couldn’t be more proud or thankful! To us, Jim truly rocks in more ways than one.


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