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Joy Askew


Thank goodness Joy Askew uses her talents for good, not evil, or we’d all be in a lot of trouble!

A friend of the farm since the early days, Joy can be counted on not just for her ability to enrapture the audience at one of our fundraisers but she’s always game for any activity that helps animals.

Joy Askew grew up in the North of England and came to NYC in 1982. She played keyboards and sang with many artists including fellow Brits Joe Jackson, Peter Gabriel, Jack Bruce and performance artist Laurie Anderson. Joy appears in the Laurie Anderson film “Home of The Brave” and on many albums with Joe Jackson and TV shows with Peter Gabriel, Joe Jackson and others, particularly ‘Saturday Night Live’.

Joy at the Booth

In 2002 Joy toured the UK with her band “Echo” on a sold out tour opening up for David Byrne. She spent many years writing songs for Quincy Jones Music publishing company and Warner Chappell.

Most recently Joy has been staffing our “Ask a Vegan” booth, a gimmick similar to Peanuts character Lucy’s “The Doctor is in” booth.  Positioned at strategic locations around the city on weekends, Joy fields questions as far ranging as “Where do you get your protein?” to “Does the number 7 bus stop here?”  Read more about her booth-based adventures here.

Joy was our first choice when it came to an opening act for Chrissie Hyde when Ms. Hynde played her now-legendary set here at the farm last May with her new creative project, JP, Chrissie, and the Fairground Boys.

Please check out Joy’s impressive body of work on her website, and if you have ambitions of being able to bring down the house the way Joy can, check out her vocal teaching CD/mp3.

More words would fail to fully express our gratitude, so leave it at: THANKS, JOY, YOU ARE A REALLY GOOD EGG! WE LOVE YOU!

Joy played here at the farm at our Opening Celebration in 2006