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Mike and Wendy Stura

From left: Wendy, Peter the Pig, and Mike

The Sturas Have Been Stirring Up Some Serious Volunteering Action!

This dynamic duo started volunteering in the spring of 2010 and have quickly become some of our most active helpers.  After one visit to the farm, they both went vegan and have never looked back.  Mike and Wendy  are true “Sanctuary Nerds” — they come up from their New Jersey home at least once a week, know all the animals by name and have never missed an event.

Although they both can be found doing the common tasks like barn cleaning and helping feed critters, they both bring unique skills that make them indispensable. Truck driver by day, Mike brings his gear-head knowledge and arsenal of tools to help maintain the farm’s equipment — he completely restored the mechanics and wiring of our ailing horse trailer and can often be found as a pair of legs sticking out from underneath our tractor (fixing it, not run over).  He has also assisted staff with health care and even volunteered his time, truck and trailer on January 2011′s pig family rescue

Mike helps unload straw

Besides her like-clockwork reliability helping with all sorts of farm duties — and despite a severe allergy to hay — Wendy’s specialty is her weekly top-to-bottom scrubdown of the Animal Treatment building.  With up to 12 animals in there at once, the straw and feed dust and, well, lots of poop all really make their marks!  After Wendy is done you could eat off the floor (not a recommendation although certain areas do taste nice). Wendy uses her day off on Mondays to recover from her upper-respiratory distress.

The Sanctuary is a better place because of these two people and so on behalf of all the staff and animals here THANK YOU MIKE AND WENDY!  WE LOVE YOU!