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Wish List

Please contact us at the email at the bottom of the page if you’re able to donate any of the items or services.

Services needed:

* Public relations
* Graphics/art direction
* WordPress site administration
* Social media expertise

Got some old junk sitting in your garage? Extra supplies from a past construction project? Your trash might be our treasure!

* Functioning bicycles (both adult and kid-sized)
* A zero-turn lawn mower like this
* Free-standing bookcases
* Functioning PC or Mac, preferably a laptop or all-in-one design like an iMac (no more than 3 yrs old)
* iPad or other tablet computer
* Working LCD monitors, 20″ or bigger
* A minivan like a Dodge Caravan
* Locust posts: 3″-8″ diameter, 8ft in height
* Good quality hay for feeding and bedding-quality hay or straw
* Flat-bed trailer
* Trees for shading animals, at least 6′ high
* Automatic backup generator