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July Jamboree 2011 Followup

Monday, July 04, 2011

A day of sun and a day of rain add up to good times at the annual Woodstock Sanctuary Jamboree!

July 2nd & 3rd – pristine sunshine on Saturday created record attendance, and torrential rain on Sunday provided for an intimate experience under the tent watching some amazing musicians perform and chowing down on lots of great grub — or hanging out in the barns with the animals (who were also taking cover from Sunday’s rain).

Terry Hope Romero, author of cookbook masterpieces Veganomicon and Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World baked up a storm and provided life-altering pecan squares, cupcakes up the wazoo and more vegan treats than you can shake a stick at! She was on fire with those baking skills and she was a blast to have around and we thank her so, so much for lending her amazing energy and talent to this benefit. So Delicious coconut milk ice cream sandwiches and fudge bars complimented Terry’s amazing baked treats.

An awesome VEGE-Q was grilled up featuring Soyboy Not Dogs, Field Roast Sausages, Sunshine Burgers, and grilled corn accompanied by classic summertime sides. A very, very special thanks to Daiya and Follow Your Heart for their contributions to make the meal complete and Teany Teas for providing liquid refreshment.

Musicians The Mosquitos, Robin Gager, Ray Ippolitto, Derek Goodwin, Star Children, Grenadilla, Uncle Rock and Elizabeth Mitchell & Astral Alert brought incredible entertainment for adults and kids alike. We thank them all as well for their time and talents in support of WFAS!

Derek Goodwin had his hands full being the official photographer, playing the ukelele and giving hula-hoop lessons. With all the professional photography, time and talent Derek has contributed over the years, he’s one of our biggest donors!

And a huge thank you to all of our wonderful volunteers who helped make it all happen! We could not have pulled the event off without y’all. GIANT THANK YOUS TO YOU! Special thanks to board members Dawn Ladd and Eva Orlowski, and our hard-working staff.

Thanks to our fantastic volunteers:

Nancy Andreassi
Loren Brown
Sarah Campbell
Daphne Cheng
Susan Edinger
Elisa Edmondson
Len Egert
Dawn Ellsworth
Derek Goodwin
Gina & Scott  Hertzog
Wayne Hollis
Sarah Hruby
Mark Jakubowski
Stevie Jones
Cassie Karopkin
Sandra Kuvaldina
Frances Lochow
Danielle Loftus
Kelley McGill
Celia Michau
Rohit Misra
Gali Neufeld
Trista Norton
Thaddeus Orlowski
Anne Parkins
Garima Parnami
Gaurav Parnami
Nancy Pearson
Jim Porcaro
Gretchen Primack
Jody, Emma & Marielle Rash
Jean Rhode
Terry Romero
Anna Lisa Schnirman
Roni Shapiro
David, Sheri & Ariel Silver
Mike & Wendy Stura
Anne Sullivan
Amy Trakinski
Jennifer Zackin

A great big thanks for all the assistance and contributions from our local community:

Dutchess Beer Distributors Inc.
Sunflower Natural Foods
Mother Earth’s Storehouse
Hanover Farms


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