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What to Eat: Recipes and Resources



The resources are too numerous to mention them all.  Remember that on your journey into veganism your are not depriving yourself — instead you’re opening up a giant new world!

Vegan recipe blogs are a great way to learn new tricks and to embolden yourself to get creative in the kitchen! Below, we’ve included links to just a few where you’ll consistently find fabulous, free, delicious vegan meal ideas for any occasion.  

Healthy. Happy. Life.gorgeous salad
The Post Punk Kitchen
Vegan YumYum
Chef Chloe
Meet The Shannons
Oh She Glows
Vegan Dad
Choosing Raw
The “V” Word
One Green Planet
The Vegan Chef

Vegan Cookbooks

Veganomicon: The Ultimate Vegan Cookbook by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero
Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World 
by Isa Chandra Moskowitz
Vegan Yum Yum: Decadent (But Doable) Animal-Free Recipes for Entertaining and Everyday 
by Lauren Ulm
Ani’s Raw Food Asia: Easy East-West Fusion Recipes 
by Ani Phyo
Big Vegan: More Than 350 Recipes, No Meat/No Dairy, All Delicious 
by Robin Asbell
Blissful Bites: Vegan Meals That Nourish Mind, Body, and Planet 
by Christy Morgan
Betty Goes Vegan 
by Dan and Annie Shannon
Candle 79: Modern Vegan Classics from New York’s Premier Sustainable Restaurant 
by Joy Pierson, Angel Ramos, & Jorge Pineda
Hearty Vegan Meals for Monster Appetites 
by Celine Steen and Joni Marie Newman
Raw Food For Everyone: Essential Techniques and 300 Simple-to-Sophisticated Recipes 
by Alissa Cohen and Leah J. Dubois
Spork Fed: Super Fun and Flavorful Recipes from the Sisters of Spork Foods 
by Jenny Engel & Heather Goldberg
The Happy Herbivore 
by Lindsay S. Nixon
Sweet Vegan: A Collection of All Vegan, Some Gluten-Free, and A Few Raw Desserts 
by Emily Mainquist
The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur: Over 140 Delectable Recipes to Treat the Eyes and Taste Buds 
by Kelly Peloza
Vegan Desserts: Sumptuous Sweets for Every Season 
by Hannah Kaminsky
Vegan Diner: Classic Comfort Food for the Body & Soul 
by Julie Hasson

Are you a cheese junkie?  Try all these great ideas for cheesy-tasting dishes:

Amazing Vegan Mac ‘N Cheese recipe
Another Amazing Vegan Mac ‘N Cheese recipe
Vegan Cheddar Goldfish Crackers (quick and easy recipe)
Punk Rawk Labs Nut Milk Cheeses
Daiya Shreds (great for things that call for melted cheese)
Treeline Treenut Cheese
The VegNews Cheese Issue!
Artisan Vegan Cheese (a whole cookbook devoted to making truly delicious vegan cheeses, including the elusive “sliceable” vegan cheese!)

Are you an unapologetic pizzaterian?  You won’t be left out (but please eat some leafy greens)!

Pesto Pizza with Vegan Mozzarella and Pine Nuts
Artichoke and Olive Pizza
5 Vegan Pizzas Recipes at One Green Planet
Pesto Cashew Ricotta Vegan Cheese
Tuscan White Bean Pizza

Vegan Lifestyle:

happycowCrazy Sexy Life
Healthy. Happy. Life.
Vegan Essentials
Finding Vegan
Kathy Freston
One Green Planet

Vegan-Coconut-Bars1Find Veggie Friends

As you learn more about new ways to nourish your body and improve your physical health, it’s also important to nourish your emotional well-being. One of the best things about going vegan now, as opposed to even 20 years ago, is how much easier the transition can be when you have access to internet tools such as google, facebook, and blogs. If your decision to adopt a vegan diet feels lonely or intimidating, work on finding–or creating–a community of likeminded individuals who share your values. Feeling part of a larger effort mobilized around compassion for animals and a shared sense of commitment can be empowering and hugely motivating. Search online for Vegetarian or Vegan Meetup groups in your area. There are also hundreds of vegetarian, vegan and farm animal advocacy groups online and on facebook: in addition to Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, look up Mercy for AnimalsCompassion Over KillingAnimal EqualityEvolve! CampaignsFree From HarmOne Green PlanetFood Empowerment ProjectVegan Outreach, and Our Hen House, to name just a few. Farm animal sanctuaries and vegan outreach groups are always in need of volunteers, for anything from leafletting to mucking out stalls; volunteering is a great opportunity to connect with likeminded advocates. You can also subscribe to email updates from your favorite vegan blogs (here’s a list to get you started!).

Vegan kitchen essentials/tips:

Easy, Delicious Egg Substitutes for Every Egg Recipe:


• Vinegar and Baking Soda: For a rising or lightening effect in cakes, cupcakes and breads, combine 1 teaspoon of baking soda with 1 tablespoon of vinegar.
• Ground Flaxseed: 
Rich in essential omega-3 fatty acids, 1 tablespoon of ground flaxseed whisked with 3 tablespoons of water in a blender or food processor will replace one egg. Flaxseed works best in nutty, grainy items like pancakes, waffles, bran muffins and oatmeal cookies.
• Bananas: 
For its binding abilities, half of a potassium and magnesium rich mashed or pureed banana will generally replace one or two eggs in breads, muffins, cakes and pancakes.
• Applesauce: 
Full of fiber and vitamin C, unsweetened applesauce offers the binding and moisture needed in baked goods. 1/4 cup equals one egg. Applesauce works best when you want the results to be moist, as in brownies.
• Silken Tofu: 
Rich in protein and fiber, but without the cholesterol and little, if any, saturated fat, this soy-based ingredient works best in dense, moist cakes and brownies. One egg can be replaced with 1/4 cup of tofu whipped in a blender or food processor.
• ENER-G Egg Replacer: 
Available in a handy box in most food stores, this nonperishable powdered product works well in baking, but is best in cookies.

Scrambles, Omelets, Egg dishes:

The Vegg:  The world’s first vegan egg yolk gets rave reviews!  Try these recipes!

Beyond Eggs: This innovative, plant-based “egg” for all egg applications, is healthier, safer, and kind.