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Let’s show up and speak up for families.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

People protest in support of immigrant rights at the Department of Justice on Friday. Photograph: Mark Wilson/Getty Images

We have two new rescues here at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Colin and Woody. They are calf survivors of the dairy industry, a business that is built on taking babies away from their mothers so that the mothers can be milked for human consumption. I’ve been saying and writing the following words a lot the last few weeks: “these innocent babies are taken from their mothers,” “their mothers don’t know where they are,” “families are separated as a matter of practice,” and “you can do something to stop this tragedy.”

Looking at the headlines today, we at Woodstock Sanctuary are horrified by stories of immigrant families and children being ripped away from their parents. The story of a baby literally taken from her mom while she was breastfeeding. Children in pens. Boys crowded in an abandoned Walmart and not allowed to leave. A man who killed himself after fighting like hell to stay with his family after traveling with them all the way to the United States border seeking asylum.

We can do something to replace this toxic paradigm with one of empathy and equality. We do not accept the privileging of one group of persons or of one species over another. We do not accept human supremacy, white supremacy, or xenophobic nationalism. This privileging causes actual harm daily to the majority of beings on this planet.

Although the plight of human families who are going through the terror of politicized, criminalized migration into the U.S. is fundamentally different from the plight of cows in the dairy industry, both are institutionalized trauma and suffering visited upon families and we have an ethical obligation to speak up.

We can do something today to speak up for human families who need help. There are protests happening nationally this afternoon: Find one near you, share it, and show up.

Families should never be separated or terrorized—by an industry or by our government.

To follow this breaking story and take action outside of today’s protests, I recommend following Democracy Now! and UndocuMedia.


Rachel McCrystal, Executive Director


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