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So Many Goat Babies!

Monday, February 15, 2016

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It has been a very cold winter here on the farm. But our hearts and barns are full of love.

We’ve had eleven goat babies born over the last six weeks — all sets of twins! All of their mothers (Tova, Ruby, Sassy, Stella, Lou Lou, and Chloe) were rescued from a backyard butcher in October, pregnant and malnourished. Our amazing caregiving team has been caring for them around the clock through difficult pregnancies and deliveries.

They wouldn’t be here and safe without our friends and supporters. Your support saves lives and spreads the mission of love and compassion. From Hallie and Raymond, Moby and Jackie, Lucie and Tuesday, Harper and Atticus, Louie and Luna, and Prince …THANK YOU.



Not all of the recent news has been joyous though. We lost beautiful and kind goat Maya who was rescued from the same abuse case. She underwent an emergency c-section and lost the triplets she was carrying. Because of her previous neglect, her body couldn’t sustain the pregnancy. Many of our volunteers, our staff, and vets fell in love with sweet Maya over the last couple of months. Often the animals we rescue carry longterm effects of their neglect, abuse, and breeding… even after they are in safe hands. 

Then sweet little Lou Lou went into labor in late February. We were really worried because she was a dwarf goat and we didn’t know how big the father was or how large her babies were going to be. She suffered from pneumonia before she was rescued so her lungs were damaged.

While undergoing a c-section, Lou Lou slipped away from us. Her two babies are doing well but need a lot of care. We named them Luna and Louie after their sweet mother. These little orphans are being hand-raised by our caregivers, who take turns taking them home with them every day.

We honor Maya and Lou Lou in the work we do every day and in caring for these new, amazing babies. Our visiting season runs from April through October, so please come and meet them!

Meanwhile, we need funds and sponsors for the new babies. Click here to learn more.



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