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Massive Art Benefit in NYC

Saturday, May 19, 2007
art 4 animals

Saturday, May 19th. Hundreds of folks streamed into the generously donated space at Jivamukti Yoga School in NYC for a party and art auction to support the rescued farm animals at the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary. About 170 works were on display, and there were also tables and tables of donated retail items for raffle and sale.

Our heartfelt thanks to the scores of artists who went to bat for us and contributed art. A full list of the participating artists can be found here, and you can see a small sampling of images here.

Arguably as colorful as all the artwork was an amazing spread of food (and wine) provided by New York’s top veg restaurants & catering services … and our buddies at Little Vegan Monsters (even one of our board members, Ashley Lou Smith, rolled her own weight in veg sushi rolls). Click here to see the full list.

Last, we’d like to thank an amazing team of volunteers who moved with SWAT team-like precision to get the entire room set up in less than 2 hours. They are too numerous to mention here but You Know Who You Are and please accept our gratitude!

All photos below by Derek Goodwin.

happy patron

20070519_wfas-nyc_060Nothing washes down a glass of wine like 170 works of orignal artwork

20070519_wfas-nyc_098Sanctuary director Jenny Brown addresses the art-thirsty crowd

20070519_wfas-nyc_011Sandwiches by Atlas Cafe, Hawaiian Chicken from VP2

20070519_wfas-nyc_012Creole Soul Chicken from Red Bamboo, Hummus Platter from Candle 79


Oreo Cookie Layer Cake and Carrot Cake in the background by Vegan Treats, other sweet nibbles in the forground by Little Vegan Monsters.

20070519_wfas-nyc_039Food & retail donation coordinator Maureen “Mo” Wyse, left, is ready to serve you up

20070519_wfas-nyc_103The traditional end-of-evening brownie-pretzel from Vegan Treats

A gracious “THANK YOU” to the fantabulous restaurants and business who provided the chow and libations! Please try their offerings and support them all.

Honest Tea

Pure Food & Wine

Thyme & Season

Phil Sherman’s Bar (AKA “No Malice Palace”)

Candle 79

Angelica Kitchen

Red Bamboo

Vegetarians Paradise 2

Blossom Restaurant



Little Vegan Monsters

Vegan Treats

Atlas Café


Framing and Matting courtesy of Annette André, Hawksflight Framing, Willow, NY

Jewelry provided by Noa Sade and Natalie Bowman


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