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Winkle enjoying the fresh air and beautiful weather!

Winkle enjoying the fresh air and beautiful weather!

Kapparot (also spelled Kaparos, meaning “atonements”) is a custom in which the sins of a person are symbolically transferred to a young rooster or hen. It is practiced by some Jews shortly before Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.  It is not widely observed, but can most commonly be seen in ultra-orthodox communities where the ceremony is held on public streets. The person swings the chicken around his or her head while reciting prayers, and the belief is that there is a transfer of one’s sins symbolically onto the bird.

picasso-buttonzAs we do every year, Woodstock Sanctuary welcomes a flock of very lucky birds who were rescued or discarded during and after the ceremonies. They arrived dehydrated, weak and hungry. Some had protruding bones sticking out of their wings, broken bones, open sores, smashed toes that required amputation (from crates stacked on top of one another) and other injuries.  Winkle was one of the lucky ones who was saved.  Half starved and dehydrated, she was still in better shape than many of her friends who arrived with bumble foot, broken toes, broken wings, and an array of other health issues. Winkle is very social and happy to have so many friends here at the Sanctuary!

Sanctuary Sustainer 2017