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Introducing Quincy!

Quincy when she first arrived.

Quincy is a domestic Pekin duck, the kind often seen in rows hanging by the neck in Chinese restaurants. Some misguided person probably bought Quincy as an Easter gift and then did not know how to properly care for her. She was found abandoned as a tiny duckling in a NYC park. Sadly these “post-Easter abandonments” are all too common.

As she grew out of ducklinghood she was closely watched over by the staff of Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and she’s bonded with everyone — and stolen all of our hearts. When she met Teddy the duck, the two of them became the inspiration to build a proper duck pond.  We now have a 50′ long pond and over a dozen rescued ducks and geese. Quincy and Teddy can usually be found hanging out together, and Teddy will protect her by positioning his body in front of her.

Tedi, left, and Quincy, right

Teddy, left, and Quincy, right