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Gaia and Ducklings


We are often asked what we do with the eggs that the chickens, ducks, and turkeys lay. Woodstock Sanctuary caregivers collect the eggs every morning so as not to have “oops” babies. Most of the birds don’t mind, especially the chickens who are bred to lay more often than they ever would naturally.

But very very rarely a clever bird will outsmart us.

One spring morning, caregiver Dawnell saw a hawk flying high above the duck coops and when she looked down, she saw Gaia the duck running her way with five little ducklings behind her! Though our duck pond is safe from predators, beautiful mother Gaia wanted to keep her newly hatched ducklings safe and knew our caregivers would provide safety. Sweet Gaia must have been so determined to hatch her eggs that she hid them extremely well from our caregivers over weeks! Dawnell scooped up the protective mom and her new babies and brought them to our medical barn.

The ducklings are now almost two months old and are growing rapidly, catching up to Gaia in size. They are in with the rest of the ducks, but still stick close by each other. They love to splash around in their new pond while loving Gaia keeps a watch over them. These babies will grow up only knowing love and compassion from humans and will live a long, happy life at the sanctuary.