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Atlas wears the scars of pulling a plow on his chest and back. He was probably used on a farm and then auctioned off to be used as a carriage horse or for some other task. But as he has a bad leg that will never heal, he was again sent to auction where he was going to be sold for meat.

Because he was used as a work horse, Atlas is used to people; but he doesn’t see them as friendly. He’s slowly realizing that we aren’t going to make him work and that when we come and spend time with him, we bring cookies or a brush to groom him, not a harness and collar. One day soon we know he will realize that Woodstock Sanctuary is his home and he will never be exploited again. 

Now our rescued yearling Trident has a friend – and he is so excited! Atlas’ calm and gentle demeanor complements Trident’s boisterous personality very well and the two are already getting along. The horse pasture is against the woods and deer have been coming up to the fence to see this new big beautiful resident of the farm.  

When you come visit, please walk over and say “welcome” to Atlas. He no longer carries the weight of the world on his shoulders.