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Bruce was found in a plastic bag on Manhattan’s lower east side. He was brought to the ASPCA and from there to the farm. Bruce came in with what is known as “curly-toe syndrome”—a problem that chickens can develop due to nutritional deficiency. With care and the right nutrition, Bruce has done very well, growing into a large and handsome red rooster. He’s now in with the main flock and has taken up position 3 or 4 in the rooster pecking order. First, is Pablo, the oldest rooster, then Rod, and then either Bruce or Lou—both are big red roosters. Bruce and Lou don’t vie for the 3rd rooster position. They seem glad to just be part of the flock. Bruce came from a plastic bag in the city to find himself able to dustbathe in the sun with the hens, to peck at bugs in the grass, to roost and fall asleep in the warm coop as all of the birds coo and finish talking and settle in for the night, knowing the morning will bring more of what every chicken needs for a good life.