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Scarlett was found wandering the streets in Manhattan. Most likely, she was a “spent” layer hen—when the hens’ egg-laying slows, they are sold to slaughter. Somehow Scarlett made it out to the streets.

At first, she was frightened of people, but she got over that fairly quickly. She’s still on the thin side and hasn’t quite regained all of her back feathers, so once a day, the staff brings her into the med center for a special mash. When you pick her up to carry her, she’ll often put her head on your arm.

Scarlett runs all over the farm and makes both barns her home. One of her favorite tricks is to climb to the top of the straw bales and start an egg stash. She’s hidden up to six eggs at a time, so now we know to look for her secret nests.

Scarlett hangs out sometimes with the rooster Peanut Butter and his hen friend, Hetty. And sometimes she hangs with Bruet, another rooster and his friends Edie and Truffle. She likes to go where she pleases.

What she does love is being a part of any treatment for the pigs. Try giving Cromwell or Lodo a massage and there’s Scarlett, hopping from pig to sleeping pig, watching what you’re doing.

And she loves stretching her skinny legs out for a nap in the sun—which can give you a scare when you first see it: she looks like she’s fallen over. But no worries, she’s just happy and sleeping in a ray of sunshine in whichever barn she chooses to be in for the moment.