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Truffles was rescued from here in Woodstock, around Tinker Street—one of the few birds we have that didn’t come from the city. Truffles is a gorgeous red hen, very healthy. She loves to hang around with Brewet the rooster, along with Edie, another hen. Truffles is free to roam wherever she wants on the farm, but she pretty much stays between the pig barn and the goat and sheep barn. When the pigs are being fed, she squeezes between the bars of the gate and dodges hungry pigs to eat bits and pieces out of their troughs. When pig feeding is over, it’s back to hunting for bugs or seeds in the straw of the pig beds or where the turkeys eat—Truffles knows the turkeys are messy eaters. At night, Truffles roosts on top of one of the fences by the turkeys. Brewet sleeps on a nest of straw in the feed area. Truffles is a hen who roosts and Brewet is a rooster who nests and both of them have lives where they can do just what they decide they want to do.