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Lou was found wandering on a street corner in Queens. His legs were tied with string, which could indicate that he was intended to be killed in a religious ritual. Somehow, he escaped and a person in Queens kept him in a cage for a week, feeding him and looking for a home—which he found in WFAS.

Lou is a big red rooster and whether it was through poor nutrition when he was young or through breeding  ( chickens are genetically manipulated to have a lot of meat) he has legs that bow out a bit. Lou’s comb is  dark, almost purplish red, which could indicate that he has some heart problems as well. So far, though, we’ve been lucky and Lou has been able to enjoy life as a rooster. Lou is still somewhat shy around people — maybe he still remembers the people who tied the string around his legs and what they intended to do with him. But he hangs out with his buddy, Bruce and with the hens of the main flock. He runs to eat the mash that we bring and explores the whole yard that stretches in front of him, full of grass, bugs, sun and all attributes of a chickens delight.