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Diane may be the friendliest mule you’ll ever meet. You’ll find her most days roaming freely around the sanctuary greeting visitors and seeking butt scratches. Now a mature lady, in her past Diane was used as a plow mule and had moved from place to place with various owners (a term we don’t like but is legally accurate). She was acquired by a horse trader, who neglected poor Diane for several years until his death.

Very skinny and with a badly infected eye, it was clear that Diane desperately needed our help. After a few months of rehabilitation and getting to know our caring staff and volunteers, she learned not only to trust but to seek out attention and affection from everyone around her. With an extremely sweet and gentle nature, people are drawn to her peaceful beauty and charm. Now we can’t imagine Woodstock Sanctuary without her and with mules living as old as 40, we hope we have many years of her friendship.

Thanks to Marika Romero for making us aware of Diane’s plight and finding placement for the 2 horses who were rescued with her.

Spring 2014 update:  Over the winter, Diane lost what was remaining of her sight. After much deliberation, we came to the difficult decision to move Diane to Catskill Animal Sanctuary, who welcomed her with open arms. Over at CAS, she lives with 3 horse companions (2 of them also blind) and is cared for by staff who have loads of experience with blind equines. Of course, we all miss her terribly, but she seems to be adjusting well and we envision very happy elderly years for Diane at CAS.

The Calvello's and Diane

The Calvello’s and Diane


Feeling good on a clear day


Diane Mule 2292

Pecking order for a treat


Diane Mule




Pretty Diane