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Trident wearing his new prosthetic.

Trident was born with a leg deformity that made him seem worthless to the Amish farmers in Indiana who wanted to use him as a buggy horse and breeder.

Like the lives of all the other farmed animals we rescue, the existence of a work horse is bleak, harsh, and usually short. When horses can no longer pull buggies and plows, they go to auction where they could be sent to slaughter for cheap meat, or sold as carriage horses to suffer on the streets of New York City or Philadelphia. Once carriage horses are worn down, they go back to the same auctions they came from and are sold for slaughter.

Because of his deformity, Trident was going to be killed at just three months old. His “owners” made the decision that he had no value. Trident was just a baby — alone, missing his mom, and doomed to die. But luckily some kind people reached out to tell us about Trident, and Shelter Director Kathy and Caregiver Dawnell made the 12 hour drive to Indiana to rescue him.

Trident, now six months old, is making friends at the Sanctuary, meeting new people and animals every day. He just received a new prosthetic, the first of many as he continues to grow, and couldn’t be happier. We love him already and are so glad he has found sanctuary at Woodstock.