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This poor little piggy was one of the items for auction at a Land Conservancy fundraising gala as a “slaughtered pig” prize. Basically the winner would get to choose a pig from a “free-range” farm (one that caters to the finer restaurants of NYC for people who like to think they are eating “happy meat”) and he or she would be slaughtered for you.  One family was so horrified by this that they bid the highest in order to save the piglet.  Soon after, the whole family went to the farm to pick one out of the 14 piglets who had been together for life (yes, bitter sweet). The 6-year-old Samuel was drawn to the smallest piglet who, coincidentally, was the one the farmer was considering giving up.  Samuel’s favorite story was The Pig’s Wedding so he named her Curly Tail after one of the characters. And she does indeed have an intact curly tail!

When Curly arrived she stole everyone’s hearts.  Initially terrified, within less than 24 hours she was letting us give her belly rubs showing off her beautiful markings.  A cross between the Tamworth (red) and an Old Spot breeds means she has spots in interesting places.  Over time, she began spending more and more supervised time with the big pigs and with Olive, who arrived 10 days later.  Curly and Olive have since become great friends.


Meeting Andy the pig