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Three days before Thanksgiving, we celebrated the arrival of Antoinette the baby turkey. Antoinette was found outside of a live-kill market in New York City, a type of market commonly found in big cities across the country, where people go to pick out a live turkey among the hundreds of other scared birds and rabbits shoved into small crates. The turkey is then killed on-site while the others all await the same terrible fate.

Of the 46 million turkeys killed in the name of “giving thanks” every holiday, Antoinette is one of the lucky ones.  She is named after Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the author of “The Little Prince,” a book all about love and devotion.

Antoinette’s affectionate personality always shines. She shares a pasture with her friend Tony, and the pair have many more years together ahead of them. She can often be found asking for hugs and long wing scratches from caregivers, who all can’t help but say yes!