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Shirley, Wonky, and Tiny

A new turkey flock is in town – Shirley, Tiny, and Wonky are finally safe at Woodstock Farm Sanctuary.

These three girls were being kept outside in a tiny backyard pen, suffering and without proper care. Poor Shirley hadn’t been eating and instead of taking her to the vet, the flock’s “owner” just ignored her and refused to get Shirley help. She was scared and helpless.

But thankfully Marija, an employee at the building where they were kept, couldn’t stand seeing this neglect and stepped in. Refusing to let Shirley and her sisters suffer, Marija convinced the man to let her bring the girls to safety at Woodstock Sanctuary.

These rescued girls moved in with our friendly turkey Martin who was so happy to have a flock (he hasn’t stopped showing off since!).

Shirley, Wonky, and Tiny are gentle, sweet, and very cuddly. To think that someone could just ignore their suffering and neglect to provide basic medical care just breaks our hearts. But we’ve promised these girls a lifetime of love and care.