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Moby’s Emergency Vet Visit

Thursday, March 15, 2018

This past Saturday, Moby the goat was limping in pain. We rushed him to the vet where x-rays showed he had fractured his leg. Because you were there for him, we had the means to give him immediate surgery. Will you be there for his recovery too?

At Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, we see animals as unique individuals. They deserve quality care, just like your companion animal friends. But we can’t provide for them without you. So we set up our 2018 Emergency Veterinary Fund to raise $40,000 to cover acute care the moment it’s needed.

If we didn’t have the funds, Moby’s leg would heal improperly and he would live a shortened life in chronic pain.

Help Moby by supporting our Emergency Veterinary Fund.

Moby is on the road to recovery and will require ongoing vet visits and months of physical therapy, so we need you now to help us give the vital care he’ll need in the days ahead.

By contributing to our Emergency Veterinary Fund, you give rescued residents expert medical attention and emergency care the moment it’s needed. Can you please help build up our Emergency Veterinary Fund today?

  • Your gift of $25 can bandage a wounded animal for a week
  • $55 covers a standard vet examination
  • $99 casts an animal in need, like Moby
  • $240 provides lab work for a sick farmed animal
  • $500+ gives us the flexibility to provide acute emergency care the moment it’s needed

Thank you for helping us give rescued farmed animals the unconditional love and care they deserve.


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