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  • A blue-dyed chick is safe

    April 30th, 2015

      A young child ran up to his mother and showed her the gift he’d just won at a church raffle: a newborn chick dyed blue. Thousands of blue, pink, and green chicks are sold every spring as Easter novelty items. They either have dye injected into their eggs or are sprayed with it after hatching. […]

  • 2015 Dietary Guidelines

    April 9th, 2015

    The USDA recently published the first print (draft) of the 2015 dietary guidelines.  They will officially be published in the fall.  The draft report highlights diet related health problems.  What does this mean?  These problems can be reduced by changing one’s diet. The committee recommends more vegetables, nuts, whole grains, etc., and less red and […]

  • Meat’s Impact on our Planet

    April 7th, 2015

    Lately we’ve heard a lot of talk on water.  California is facing a serious shortage.  We read a great Op-Ed in the New York Times addressing this issue. “A 2012 study in the journal Ecosystems by Mesfin M. Mekonnen and Arjen Y. Hoekstra, both at the University of Twente in the Netherlands, tells an important […]

  • Aramark to go completely cage free by 2020

    April 3rd, 2015

      Who is Aramark? Aramark provides food services to schools, universities, healthcare institutions and more. The company website states one of the things offered is environmental stewardship. In 2013 Aramark stated it would source it’s “shelled” eggs from a cage free source by 2014. Recently they announced to source even their liquid eggs from cage free […]

  • Fawn – Rockstar and International Girl Wonder

    March 31st, 2015

    First, if you haven’t already, take a look at this video! After posting the video of Fawn to our facebook page she became famous. Fawn is becoming more mobile daily.  She is not only on the mooooove around the sanctuary, she’s been shared on major networks globally.     We are pretty sure Fawn is up […]

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