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ThanksLiving 2012 Recap


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Donated Coat by Vaute Couture


 Thanks to all of our goodie bag, auction & raffle donors who gave us cool stuff:

ABRA Therapeutics
Al Jackson Art
Alexandra Horowitz
Angelica Kitchen
BenBella Publishing
Better Botanicals
Beyond Skin
Bumble Bar
Butterfield Pottery
Calico Dragon Bags
Candle Cafe
Chicago Vegan Foods
Citra Solv
Comedy Central/Viacom
Compassionate Couture
Cow Jones Industrials
Da Capo Press
Derek Goodwin
Diva International Inc.
Donald Moore Stained Glass
East-West Fusion Acupuncture
Echo of the Dreamer
Erin O’Sullivan, Lindsay Campbell art
Feed Your Face
Go Max Go
Grandpa Brands
Herbology Beauty
Hudson River Cruises
Jai Ma Yoga Center
Josh Katcher
JR Liggett
Kathy Ruttenberg
Kripalu Center
Kris Carr
Lagusta’s Luscious
Lantern Books
Luna 61
Marcus Pierno
Matt & Nat
Melissa Harris Creatix
Molly Rengstorf Fine Art & Crafts
New World Home Cooking Co.
Pangea: The Vegan Store
Paul Bendzunas
Posh Pelts
Prairie Underground
Pure Food and Wine
Randi Martin Kish
Red Robin Song Guest House
Shiny Mama Beauty
SodaStream USA
Spider Ink Studio
Stephen Glassman
Sue Coe
Sweet N Sara
The Experiment
TofuXpress, Inc
Turquoise Barn Bed, Breakfast, & Beyond
Urban Dawgs
V-Dog Food
Vegan Online Store
Waterfall Rental
Western Digital
Wide Awake! Books
Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild

  Thanks to our food suppliers, who gave us free or discounted stuff: 

Catskill Mountain Coffee
Earth Balance
Field Roast
Follow Your Heart
Green Mountain Coffee
JL Orchards
La Brea Bakery
Match Meats
Migliorelli Farm
Mother Earth’s
Sunflower Natural Foods Market
Turtle Mountain
Wholesome Sweeteners
Wholesoy Co.

Thanks to our vendors, who gave us discounted services or supplies:

A Greener Kitchen
JFX Visuals

KTD Monastery
Rhinebeck Rentals
Sav-On Party Center
Shadow Supply
Sunfrost Farms
Superior Sanitation


As Beatrice the turkey can confirm, there was plenty of delish food, fine company, and stellar weather at this year’s ThanksLiving.  

Chef Kevin

Chef Kevin Archer

Surrounded by just-peaked autumn mountains and hundreds of rescued farm animals, head chef Kevin Archer with the help of David Silver and their crew served a crowd of over 250 ticket-holders a delicious 4 course meal, all meat, egg and dairy-free.

While the turkeys dined beak-first, appetizers requiring opposable thumbs were passed: Faux Gras Crostini and Bruschetta Basilicotta Margarita by The Regal Vegan; Treenut Cheese on Crackers by Treeline; Black-Eyed Pea Cakes with Chipotle Aioli by Blossom; and Greek Salad Inspired Bites by WFAS’s Jennifer Abbots.

Once the human guests were seated, Kevin’s soup course arrived: a rich Pumpkin Pie Soup, infused with spices and blended with coconut milk. Then main entree plates circulated around the room: “Beyond Meat” strips, succulently braised in rich stock, white wine, garlic and herbs,with a luxuriously creamy Sage & Rosemary Soubise; Cornbread Stuffing with Pecans & Figs; a Cranberry Compote with cinnamon, orange juice, raisins; and a Winter Greens Medley of lightly wilted kale, collard, and cabbage, with toasted pumpkin seeds, raisins and carrot shreds with Pomegranate Vinaigrette.

The jazz/rock quartet Mantis with Ray Ippolito grooved the tent and an update about many of the noteworthy rescues and passings of animals by Shelter Manager Sheila Hyslop charmed the crowd.  Later, Director Jenny Brown thanked all those involved and implored the crowd to consider the importance of speaking up for the voiceless.

The decadent desserts from Vegan Treats came out, including goofy little chocolate turkeys — the only kind of turkey we condone eating! — and then folks worked off their sugar high wandering amongst the rescued animals in neighboring pastures. A highlight, as always, was feeding the piggies all the scraps left over from plates.

A special shout-out to the KTD Monastery, who generously donated the use of its commercial kitchen, and Valerie and Ric Sofo, who donated the use of their excellent vacation cabin to help house volunteers.  We also wish to acknowledge Gary Harvey for volunteering to coordinate all the volunteers as well as helping in the days before and after the event; Loren Brown for spearheading and coordinating the silent auction;  Lourdes Jovel for helping solicit donations from 2000 miles away; Joey Malzone of JFX Visuals for donating the PA system and sound engineers; Lazy Dog Cookies for donating their sales to us; Jonathan Donahue for loaning us the fancy video projector; and our amazing staff: Dave Miller, Dawnell Kilbourne, Dee Finley, Hervé Breuil, Hillary Jackson, Jennifer Abbots, Melissa Gates, Natalie Alcade, Sheila Hyslop and Thomas Tarchine.



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