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ThanksLiving Policies

Please read this before purchasing tickets:

Holiday Weekend
The event is the Sunday before Columbus day, so factor that into your plans.

Event Start
Based on feedback we’ve moved the start time a littler earlier! Now the sanctuary opens at 11:30 for animal visits, and the tent opens at 12:30pm for passed appetizers.  Please plan to arrive no later than 1pm.

Except for VIP tickets, seating is a free-for-all.  You may sit where you like, and with whomever you like — and many new friendships have been sparked this way!

Child Seating
In the distant past we provided a limited number of discounted child seats.  However, due to the nature of this event as our most important fundraiser of the year, with a long waiting list every year, we decided to discontinue this policy a number of years ago.  For younger children not requiring a meal you may bring a stroller etc. or have your child sit on your lap during the meal at no charge. Due to the uneven ground it is not safe to use high chairs.

Food Allergies/Issues
We have a box on the order form to indicate these.  We can handle gluten-free and can notify allergic people to the ingredients.  Beyond that we’ll do our best to accommodate requests but out in the middle of a goat pasture our resources are limited.

Drink Policy
VIP ticketholders may have unlimited drinks.  Standard ticketholders are allowed one drink for free and then it’s a cash bar.  Filtered water, coffee and tea are free.

Membership Discount
Since our memberships are so modestly-priced, we do not offer a discount to members for this particular fundraiser. Tracking members is not automated and thus is technically very taxing for our staff.  However, we will honor membership card discounts for straight purchases of WFAS merchandise as we normally would for our store.  Silent auction items and raffle tickets to not qualify for the discount.

We’ll make sure you have enough time to visit with our approx 200 rescued animals before or after your meal, so bring a coat and shoes you wouldn’t mind getting dirty when visiting our residents in their pastures and barns.

As this is a critically important fundraiser that is expensive to put on, all sales are final. If you are unable to attend, please contact us and we can re-characterize your tickets to be a 100% tax-deductible donation.  In compliance with IRS regulations, because you are receiving something of tangible value your entire ticket price is not deductible.  All amounts over $40 per ticket are deductible, and this total is calculated for you on this form.

Extreme Weather
The event is rain or shine in our giant tent.  However, in the event of unsafe conditions like high winds or a fierce storm it’s conceivable that the fire marshall may force us to cancel.  Although we’d make our best effort to reschedule the event we cannot refund tickets due to such conditions.

By clicking on the BUY TICKETS button below you accept the terms on this page.