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July Jamboree 2013 Recap

Please patronize our food and ingredient donors!

Sausages by Field Roast

Beyond Meat "Chicken"


Follow your heart!

Lots of ingredients from Sunflower









Esotec Beverages

Dun-Well Doughnuts

Sweet Maresa's

Mother Earth



Trader Joe's

Hanover Farm Stand
(Route 28 in Mount Tremper)

Download an info sheet about the donors


On Saturday, July 6th under clear blue skies, Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary’s annual festival featured an extensive all-vegan menu, music by artists such as the twice-Grammy-nominated Tracy Bonham, and enough warm-weather activities to keep rambunctious kids very busy and happy.  Dan and Annie Shannon, authors of the cookbook Betty Goes Vegan, ran a cooking demo for an attentive crowd.  Visitors communed with over 200 rescued farm animals who call the sanctuary home.

“This was by far our most successful event ever,” said Director Jenny Brown.  “We had tons of locals attend but had visitors from all over the northeast – and even one couple all the way from Dallas!”  At Woodstock Sanctuary we strive to show people how really delicious, accessible food can be made without any animal products. This year head chef David Silver and co-chef Marty Krutolo cranked out a cornucopia of such remarkable offerings as buffalo “chik’n” wraps with vegan blue cheese dressing, Vietnamese bahn mi baguettes with Faux Gras terrine, and Israeli vegan shawarma (see detailed menu below). 

 “Where else can you mingle with a very friendly chicken named Ophelia and then have a buffalo chicken-free wrap?” said Co-Founder Doug Abel.  “We really hope the folks who came are inspired by the food – and the animals — to look at their own diets in a new way.”

 Over $15,000 in critical funds were raised, which came at a particularly significant time.  “It costs about $50,000 a month to operate the sanctuary,” Ms. Brown reported, “and given that a generous anonymous donor is matching all donations up to a goal of $100,000 until the end of July, this support from our community and beyond is thrilling.” (YOU CAN DONATE HERE)

There were fantastic live performances by the amazing Grammy-nominated Tracy Bonham, local legend Seth Davis, and the ever-popular Uncle Rock.


MENU (100% Vegan):

Download an info sheet about the donors

Buffalo Chik’n Wraps with Vegan Blue Cheese Dressing (Beyond Meat and Follow Your Heart)

Faux Gras Banh Mi Sandwiches (mixing the Far East with Brooklyn!)

Hearty Field Roast Sausages with peppers and onions

Israeli Vegan Shawarma from Taft

Succulent Grilled Corn

Mac and “Cheese” better than Mom’s

Life-extending Kale Slaw

Naturally Fermented Soda from Caveman Foods

Lammsbrau Organic Beer from Germany

Yummy Sweets

Cookies & Brownies from X’s and O’s Bakery

Almond and Coconut Milk Ice Creams from SO Delicious

Cashew-based Raw Gelato by Organic Nectars

Brooklyn’s finest Dun-Well Doughnuts

Macarons by Sweet Maresa’s



Andre Ardito

Nancy Andreassi

Carly Bogen

Melissa Cacioppo

Jodi Cailler

Hanny Chandra

Sara Dobson

Lisa Drapkin

Dawn Ellsworth

John Feissel

Derek Goodwin

John Hirst

Nemo Hoffman

Mike Hrinewski

Hillary Jackson

Lourdes Jovel

Cassie Karopkin

David Karopkin

Marty Krutolow

Dawn Ladd

Jenna McDavid

Emily Monus

Caitlin O’Heaney

Nancy Pearson

Jim Porcaro

Ann Parkin and Jody, Miranda, Nicholas, and Emma Rasch

Orlando Rassi

Jean Rhode

Jaime Roth

Ariel Silver

David Silver

Anne Sullivan

Tomoko Terakoshi

Amy Trakinski

Cameron Werme

Tracy Wilcox

Brett Wyker

Kelsey Yucius